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/ perf əˈnämiks /
the science focused on the analysis of production, distribution, and consumption of Wireline Perforating Tools and Services, and the process of deploying them with maximum productivity and efficiency.

Efficiency without compromise

PerfX isn't just another pump down provider. They excel in all areas of their industry. With innovative technologies including Activ8-41, the safest wireline acid on the market, it's clear that PerfX is the optimal wireline choice.
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Innovation without boundaries

Everyday, PerfX pushes the envelope by innovating and reimagining key technologies in wireline perforating. Explore the technology behind PerfX, including our Activ8-41 Wireline Safe Acid.
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It's who we are and what we do.
This, is The PerfX Way.

Defined by four core principles.


Our experience in the wireline industry is unrivaled.The mission is to improve cased hole perforating operations and efficiencies through the implementation of industry leading processes and technology.

an event that leaves an impression on someone


PerfX excels in the wireline perforating industry by procuring the best fit-for-purpose equipment while employing the most dedicated and experienced team of wireline professionals.

to do better than; surpass


We're experts in what we do. Bottom line: we make sure it gets done correctly, efficiently, and to the highest degree possible.

a person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject


Everyday, we're aiming to make wireline services more valuable and efficient. Through the implementation Activ8-41, the industry's safest and cleanest wireline acid, we're well on our way.

an unknown element that makes something more interesting or valuable

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