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PerfX was established in 2014 in Minot, North Dakota. Despite starting at the beginning of the downturn in the oil markets, PerfX was able to build and grow a successful cased hole wireline service, specializing in pump down perforating operations.

PerfX Wireline Services provides first class service quality and industry leading efficiencies attained by employing expert personnel, proprietary processes, and engineered solutions. We focus on providing new and cost neutral solutions to increase operational efficiencies, and eliminate NPT, passing economic gains onto the operator.

Our crews have extensive experience utilizing an array of different gun systems to accommodate any perforating challenge. We are highly proficient with running up to 30 selection EB systems, to the newest Plug and Play gun systems on the market. We take pride in our ability to run any gun system safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Our Mission

To continually improve cased hole perforating operations and efficiencies through the implementation of industry leading processes and technology.

We create value for our customers by employing and retaining a motivated, dedication, and experienced workforce who are invested in the future of the company. Our technology leadership, low employee turnover, aligned incentives, and culture of excellence delivery industry leading results.

Our Goal

Exclusively focused on wireline perforating services, PerfX aims to improve horizontal well completions through faster, safer, & more efficient wireline operations.

PerfX 2020. Midland, TX.

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