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Having a higher activation energy compared to HCL, Activ8-41 is a Lewis Acid Base Adduct. Designed by Gilbert Lewis who was nominated for the Nobel Prize 41 times but never receiving the prestigious award. That’s the core science behind the product.

Activ-41 Wireline Safe Acid was built off of the Lewis acid Base Adduct due to it's higher activation energy compared to HCL. Designed by Gilbert Lewis, who was nominated for, but never received, the Nobel Prize 41 times, Lewis acid became the foundation for Activ8-41.


Ability to place acid with wire-line and BHA (guns and bridge plug)
Eliminates the need to displace acid after wireline is out of the hole
Reduced water requirements
Allows acid to be spotted over the entire perf interval cluster
Frac crew efficiency


4 Well Pad
35 Stages Per Well
Average hole volume = 9500 Gal
Average Acid Displacement Time = 15 minutes
Pad Savings
Water = 1,300,000 Gal
Time = 35 hours @ 10,000 per hour
Average Pad Savings = +$350,000

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