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December 9, 2019

Renowned wireline company PerfX Wireline Services has released their new Activ8-41 wireline-safe pumping acid

DENVER, Dec. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PerfX Wireline Services is now proud to announce the launch of their new Activ8-41 wireline safe pumping acid. Notable across the nation for their pump-down perforating services, along with a bevy of other wireline operations, the company has developed an eco-friendly pumping acid that improves wireline longevity while also saving considerable amounts of time, money and water.

The new PerfX Activ8-41 acid is stated to be the ideal choice for wireline pump-down operations and ball-in-place Frac plugs. Shipped in concentrate form by ground, Activ8-41 has been manufactured fully in the United States. It offers a safe and reliable alternative to commercial pumping acids because it is non-volatile and non-mutagenic, with its unique formulation also keeping bioaccumulation to a minimum.

TJ Dostal of PerfX Wireline Services made a statement to provide an in-depth look at the new Active8-41 acid: "Here at PerfX, we aim to raise the bar high in terms of quality, safety and cost-effectiveness. Our new Active8-41 wireline-safe acid is highly superior to its commercial counterparts. In addition to dramatically reducing water requirements, it allows for easier cluster breakdown while guaranteeing optimum Frac crew efficiency at every step of the process."

Active8-41 does not need to be displaced once the wireline is out of the hole, thus providing extreme operational advantages. Furthermore, it is also environmentally responsible. Being safe and readily biodegradable makes Active8-41 safe for workers handling it and for the environment once the acid is disposed.

More details about PerfX and their innovative work can be seen on their official company website at


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